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Bluetooth stack in verilog


I am working on bluetooth low energy and want to implement complete protocol stack in verilog and want to pair two fpgas usig this ble module. I have implemented serially via UART but bit confused how packet processing can be done on BLE. 

Any lead will be highly appreciated.


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@jpeyron  Actually i have implemented UART and also able to send packet received via Ethernet serially to PC. Now one thing is i can add bluetooth module and have the job done. But in actually i want to send BLE packet i.e 47-bytes with 20 byte payload. So i don't really have an idea how should i start. 

Secondly i do n't want to involve Microblaze etc.

What i have still done is 

1. FPGA to FPGA ethernet communication using verilog 

2. I send one fpga packet to PC serially via uart for just confirmation

3. Later i also have done 2 FPGA network with switch and can also monitior the traffic of both boards on wireshark.

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