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LwIP on ZYBO to send data to Network


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I am working on an application in which I need to send data continuously to the network from zybo. I have looked at the Echo server example but it is sensitive to the listening mode. It listen to the network all the time. It send data to network whenever there is data from the network to the zynq otherwise zynq don't send anything to network.  

My task is to send 32 bit of data upon every micro-second from zynq to PC over ethernet. Is there anything better and recommended other then LwIP for my application ? 

I am not sure which function in the main () I need to modify in LwIP. Here is the section of the main (). 

print_ip_settings(&ipaddr, &netmask, &gw);

/* start the application (web server, rxtest, txtest, etc..) */

/* receive and process packets */
	while (1) {
		if (TcpFastTmrFlag) {
			TcpFastTmrFlag = 0;
		if (TcpSlowTmrFlag) {
			TcpSlowTmrFlag = 0;


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This core and this core are pretty easy to use and do not require a microblaze or zynq.

Zynq based boards typically have the PHY connected to the PS. This makes it a bit difficult to use the PHY from the PL. There is a Xilinx wiki that describes accessing the PHY from the PL.

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