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Arty board implementation fails in latest Vivado



Vivado 2018.3 fails during Implementation with error:

[Place 30-58] IO placement is infeasible. Number of unplaced terminals (17) is greater than number of available sites (0).
The following are banks with available pins: 
 IO Group: 0 with : SioStd: LVCMOS18   VCCO = 1.8 Termination: 0  TermDir:  In   RangeId: 1  has only 0 sites available on device, but needs 17 sites.
    Term: rgb_led_tri_i[0]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[1]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[2]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[3]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[4]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[5]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[6]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[7]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[8]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[9]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[10]
    Term:  rgb_led_tri_i[11]
    Term:  led_4bits_tri_i[0]
    Term:  led_4bits_tri_i[1]
    Term:  led_4bits_tri_i[2]
    Term:  led_4bits_tri_i[3]
    Term:  and eth_mdio_mdc_mdio_i

Background: This project has been working for a long time using Vivado 2017.4. But now we're moving to Vivado 2018.3 so I upgraded the project and hit this problem.

I also tried re-making a basic project from scratch completely in 2018.3 but hit the same problem. The basic project was made with the steps in https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/arty-getting-started-with-microblaze-servers/start

Searched online and found few similar cases but they all were resolved by getting new board files from Digilent, however I'm using the latest files already (from April 18th 2019).

Can anyone @ Digilent try to reproduce and provide board files qualified for 2018.3 in Arty (ver. C) board?



Screenshot from 2019-05-09 20-05-03.png

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Hi @edge30,

I have experienced similar issues when upgrading projects to newer versions of vivado.

1) I would suggest to start fresh with a copy of the original Vivado 2017.4 project.

2) Next I would open the project with the newer version of Vivado having Vivado upgrade the project.

3) Once the project is loaded in the newer version of Vivado, make sure that all of the IP's are upgraded by clicking reports->report ip status and upgrade/generate any IP that the report lets you.

4) generate a bitstream/ export hardware including bitstream (replacing the existing hw platform) and launch sdk. 

Does the project work as intended now?

best regards,


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