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CoolRunner & Adept: unable to find a valid scan chain


I recently purchased, and just yesterday received, the Digilent CoolRunner-II CPLD starter board. I had previously installed and verified Xilinx ISE Webpack, version 11.1. Yes, I know, but I’m running Windows Vista Business. Prior to the CoolRunner purchase, I saw nothing in the documentation to suggest that it wouldn’t be compatible. So far, so good.

I then downloaded the archived version of Adept, the DASV1-10-0.msi file. Again, Windows Vista. After manually showing the computer where the driver was located, it installed and ran. Attached the USB-to-USB B cable; now, here comes the problem. Just as described in the second paragraph, page five of the Digilent Adept Suite User’s Manual, “ . . . ExPort is able to connect to the module, but is unable to find a valid scan chain, the Scan Chain window remains empty.”

Following the troubleshooting suggestions on page twelve of the previously mentioned manual:
* environmental variable – check
* latest version of Export – unchecked, I’m running Windows Vista
* cable securely attached, on both ends – check and double-check
* re-started Export – no check, no joy

Assistance would be appreciated. I’m so close yet so far . . . . Hope the problem is not some incompatibility with, wait for it, Windows Vista. If so, then I’ve wasted time and money. If it is the problem, any work-arounds? Find a way to use the Xilinx iMPACT tool, etc? Finally, since I spent most of yesterday searching on-line for the same issue, I hope I haven’t taken up valuable space and time repeating a question that has been previously addressed. The forums can be overwhelming.


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