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Waveforms - changing the voltage on one wavegen channel affect the other channel



I was using the wavegen to generate 2 sine waves and noted one weird behavior.
- when I changed the amplitude of one channel the other channel also is affected (amplitude and phase)

Before change (2V on each channel)

After change (3V on each channel)

The same behavior occurred on the last stable version and beta version (3.11.4).


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Hi @agaelema

Could you describe your wiring?

Here W1 is connected to 1+, W2 to 2+, 1- and 2+ to GND.
In the second screenshot the W2 amplitude is changed from 2 to 3V




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Hi @attila,

The wiring was is the same, but I'm using the BNC adapter.

I was doing some tests and taking some screenshots and I noticed that this behavior occur just when both outputs are connected to the circuit, an inverting summing amplifier, like in the schematic. I'm doing this to generate a third sine wave, like a three-phase system.


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