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Zybo HDMI Input not working

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Hello, I am a college student currently working on the HDMI Input demo for the Zybo board on Vivado 2018.3 and SDK.

I am following the steps provided on this forum, but I end up with trouble displaying the HDMI source onto the monitor.

Without any modification, I can get the HDMI source to display properly; however, there seems to be many errors and warnings.

In addition, modifying the C code by commenting out some of the switch statements resulted in no change whatsoever.

After creating a new bsp and application project, followed by copy and pasting all of the source files, I had no errors popping up.

I was able to see the results of the modifications I made, but the HDMI source wouldn't display onto the monitor (just the DemoPrintTest shows up).

I have posted my project onto this link.


If possible, I would like to get help on this matter.

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Hi @nakedtofu,

Welcome to the Digilent Forums!

I would suggest using the version of vivado that this project was made for and is verified to work with.

Upgrading projects to newer versions of Vivado can become a non-trivial task. IP Cores can have changes that require configuration alterations to other IP Cores for them to interact correctly.   

We currently do not have an eta for when we will be upgrading this project to a newer version of Vivado.

If you are going to continue in the newer version of vivado this might be a long road ahead of you before having a verified project. 

best regards,


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