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Harware acclerator integration failed. aborting build system


Hi everyone,

I was trying to integrate two demos in a single SDx project, which means I was using the demo of live I/O using the PCam5-c with the bilateral filter. The objective was to use the images obtained from the camera, process them by the bilateral filter and the display (by hdmi) and save them in the sd_card.


To do so, all the files were imported and linked in the project and it actually did achieve to synthesis teh FPGA. The error came out while creating the bitstream for the FPGA. Note the errors are the followings:


The project is defined as shown:

The error log is attached as vivado.log


Hope ypu can help me to solve this issue.





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Hi @Esti.A,

The first error that you get is the following one:

ERROR: [Common 17-179] Fork failed: Cannot allocate memory

This kind of error is generated when your machine does not have enough RAM memory. Please post here the configuration of your system (CPU, OS, RAM, ..). Do you have swap enabled?

Also, have a look on this post.

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