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Pmod WiFi with TCP server and client demo not working



I am having trouble to setup the Zedboard Pmod WiFi communication. I used the TCP server and client demo, but two zedboards couldn't find each other. If I enable my Desktop WPA2, both server and client were able to find it. I wonder there is anything not mentioned in the github instruction. Additionally, once I tried to switch WPA2 to WEP40 or WEP140, there are errors while building the project in SDK:

'keySet' was not declared in this scope   
'WEP40KEY' in 'class DEWFcK' does not name a type 


But keyset has been defined in the header. Any advice?


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Hi @conanandai100,

We responded to your other post here

1) Have you tried using the WIFI variant client/server projects?

2) Are you still experiencing the same issues?

best regards,




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Hi @jpeyron

Thank you for the reply. I thought I used the WiFi variant client/server code in the TCPEchoServer/TCPEchoClient folder under the Diligent WiFi github. Do I make a mistake by copying the wrong one? I just cannot tell the difference between the wired variant and WiFi version from the code/readme file.

Yes, I still have the issue unsolved. Since I replied the other post, this post can be closed. Sorry for the multiple posts as I didn't get the reply of the other at that moment.



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