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How to configure pmodrf1?


I'm a sophomore student and new to FPGA. I want to use two Basys2 boards and two pmodrf1 modules to transport messages. I looked for some examples on Internet but failed to find an available code. Could anyone please give me a complete verilog code about this? Now I am only able to create .v files to accomplish my work. If your solution is not in this way, I expect you to show me what to do step by step. Thank you!

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Hi @dxb,

Welcome to the Digilent Forums! 

Here is the resource center for the retired Pmod RF1. We have two different projects using a microcontroller on the Pmod RF1 but none for an FPGA using Verilog. We currently do not have the bandwidth to create a verilog project for the Pmod RF1. I would suggest using the microcontroller projects, the data sheet and the reference manual  to help you configure the Pmod RF1. 

best regards,


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