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There is some pretty messy aliasing happening in Waveforms Live's buffer view and also the main chart. For example, below is the AWG connected to channel 1, zoomed out. It looks fine on the main chart when zoomed in (though the buffer view remains full of alias artefacts).

It would be great if the signal envelope was represented properly in both the buffer view and the chart, regardless of zoom.


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Hi @benl,

I apologize for the delay; I've forwarded your feedback to our firmware guy who handles and updates WaveFormsLive to see if they have some recommendations to clean up the aliasing though I do know that there is a limited amount of pixels that can be drawn on the screen when showing the 10 kS/s which at the 500 ms/div equates to 5000 samples per div that need to be displayed, which simply isn't visually possible to show in it's entirety on a limited pixel screen.


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Oh, absolutely agree / understand that some form of decimation and interpolation is required to display the waveform (though my DSP is getting pretty rusty). The current implementation is clearly inadequate to the point of not being useful: the waveform displayed when zoomed out is a very inaccurate representation of the signal. You should at least be able to get a somewhat accurate view of the signal's envelope. The same goes for the buffer view at the top; at present it's not useful to inform on much beyond the relative position of the display within the buffer - ideally you'd be able to use it to pick out envelope changes and transients (the latter would certainly benefit from a peak-detection mechanism).

In a nutshell, it'd be useful if WFL presented the signal in a similar fashion as the same data on a deep-memory oscilloscope.



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