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TCP echo server and TCP echo client demo issue



I am currently running the Pmod WiFi TCP demo on two zedboards and encounter an issue as below:

For the server, it gave me a status 0x10003A00.


For the client, it gave me a status 26845304.


Unfortunately I cannot figure out the definition of the IPstatus in the demo. I checked my vivado project and zedboard setup, which seemed to be correct. I am using USE_WPA2_KEY with the same ipv4 address, ssid, and password btw. Is there any hint for debugging based on the current information? 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @conanandai100,

I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes since they are both TCP based, but based on the screenshots you have provided it looks like you are using a wired TCP server and a WiFi echo client, so they may not be directly compatible; I haven't gotten to try this directly though, but it may be worth trying. Since you are using the Pmod Wifi, I would use the WiFi variants of both the server and client.

From your first error (0x10003A00), line 81 in the deIP.h (which defines what the status values could  be) shows that this is an Adapter error that is specific to the adapter. The second error (268450304 in decimal) converts to the same hex value as the first error (0x10003A00), though I am not certain what the adapter would be in this situation since the MRF24 datasheet does not indicate that it would be the adapter.


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Hi @JColvin

Thank you so much for your reply!

I am not sure if there is any difference for the wired TCP server and WiFi in the code that I didn't notice, cause the readme file of Pmod WiFi github doesn't mention it, and I actually didn't find any code related to the wired TCP setup. I just copied the main.cc file from the TCPEchoServer folder to my project (the server Zedboard), and same to the TCPEchoClient main.cc file to other SDK project on the other Desktop, which is connected to the client Zedboard. Changed the IP address, ssid and passphrase to the same thing. Maybe I missed something I was not aware of?

As I wrote in another post later (sorry for the confusion and multiple posts),  if I enable my Desktop WPA2 with the same ssid and password, both server and client on the Zedboard were able to connect the Desktop. So I guess I am using the correct code, and the Pmod WiFi is working to some extent. But those two FPGAs cannot find each other. I just wonder what is missing.

I will check the IP status definition in the deIP.h file and MRF24 datasheet. Thanks again for pointing it out.


Best regards,


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