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Hi everyone,

Am doing research in Signal processing. My aim is to obtain the samples from xadc and it should be applied to my signal processing algorithm. Am working in Zynq 702 board. Still n ow i have applied the external analog signal to the dedicated pin Vp an Vn and by using AMS gui i have debugged the xadc converted value.

  Now without using any GUI , i would like to debug only the Vp and Vn converted value by using ILA, i have attached the block diagram of my design and the specifications.kindly refer it.

My Problem is i have selected channel sequencer and i need to visualize only the xadc data of Vp and Vn input signal. But in Do[15:0] am geeting all the datas like temperature, alarm etc.  KIndly reply me it will be helpful for my research progress.

XADC block dgm.docx

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