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Samples were lost when recording from scope with digital channels


I want to record data on one channel using the scope tool from WaveForms using the Analog Discovery 2. Additionally, I need to record digital signals on 4 channels at the same time in order to delimit windows for post-processing.

Even at a (very) low sampling rate, WaveForms displays "Samples were lost! Reduce sample rate." when I attach some digital channels to the scope tool. Even when the sampling rate is reduced to 1Hz, this error still happens. Is this a WaveForms bug? I put my workspace in attachment to reproduce the issue.



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@attila This seems to be a bug with WaveForms. I successfuly captured data with the same configuration (see screenshot above) on WaveForms 3.8.2 (Linux/Windows) while WaveForms 3.10.9 (Windows) and 3.11.4 beta (Windows) lost digital samples.

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Tested WaveForms 3.8.2 (Windows)
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