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linux helloworld application over zybo zynq soc


Hello friends,

i have been build HelloWorld Linux application using Xilinx SDK cross compliler=C:\Xilinx\SDK\2017.4\gnu\aarch32\nt\gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi\bin\arm-linux-gnueabihf-

after creating hello.elf .. I copy this file into sd card

and then switch on my zybo board containing sd card (hello.elf)

then after running Linux over zybo zynq soc, I tried to run hello.elf, but I am getting following error...

zynq> hello.elf

- /bin/ash: hello.elf: not found

why it is saying not found ...what is meant by that...

please reply if you have any solution regarding this issue.




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Hi @Arjun,

I typically use standalone applications. I would not have a lot of information on this topic.  Here and here are xilinx forum threads where they discuss a similar issues.

best regards,


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