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I can not boot Zybo Z7-20 PCAM from SD card



I am using Vivado 2018.2 i downloaded "Zybo-Z7-20-Pcam-5C-2018.2-*.zip" demo project in original project "part" option is choosen  then I created a new vivado project i choose "board" option and i created same block design with "Zybo-Z7-20-Pcam-5C-2018.2-*.zip" demo project. I inserted same IP blocks and made connections. I did synthesis and implementation succesfully but when i exported to SDK and i tried to boot from SD card (i used hello world template) i did not see anything on terminal but when i am trying to export original project to SDK not which i create, then i can see hello world message on Terminal. Why did i not see anything in my project but i saw in original demo project? what could possibly be the problem?

Hoping to read from you soon

Best regards

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Hi @ToronoCoyo,

Welcome to the Digilent Forums!

Typically for more complicated projects such as the PCAM project doing connection automation with the same IP Cores alone will not create a HW platform that will correctly interact with the desired components. 

Can you include screen shots of your block design and SDK applications and any errors along with wrapper, xdc  and SDK helloworld.c files.

What is the Mode Jumper(JP5) on the Zybo-Z7 set to?

If you are trying to boot from the SD card on a ZYNQ development board like the Zybo Z7 you should be making a boot.bin file.

Booting from either SD card or FLASH process is described in this older zedboard tutorial

best regards,


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