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Zoltán Lehóczky

Nexys A7 vs Nexys 4 DDR


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Hi @Zoltán Lehóczky,

Here is the Digilent WIKI main page. It states the: 

"Nexys 4 DDR-This product has been re-branded as the Nexys A7. "

On the resource center for the Nexys A7 it states: " Resources originally created for the Nexys 4 DDR board may be useful to users of the Nexys A7, as the boards are nearly identical."

Its my understanding that the 100T version is identical to the Nexys 4 DDR as you mentioned.

best regards,


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Thanks Jon, this is exactly what I've looked at, but the "the boards are nearly identical" statement is that confuses me since in my understanding they're not nearly, but completely identical.

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