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Problem facing with lwIP in 2018.3


Hi folks, 

I hope all is well with you.

I am a newbie to zynq AP SoC. I started working with Digilent Zybo board, lwip ethernet echo server example.

Problems facing.

1. Auto Negotiation failure if i set the link speed to auto in bsp. If i set link speed to 1000Mbps the program says that the ethernet link is down.

2. How to modify the echo server program where i can send and receive data to a specific ip address with specific port number as Server and also as client.

I am using a Xilinx SDK version 2018.3

Operating system: Windows 10

Happy to hear a best possible solution from you folks.

Thanks in advance.



Ajeeth kumar

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Hi @Ajeeth_kumar,

Welcome to the Digilent Forums!

Here is the Zybo resource center. Under Tutorials the Getting Started with Zynq Servers (done in an older version of Vivado) should be a good reference for setting up the Echo server.

I have not had the bandwidth to alter the echo.c file to facilitate a client server transfer process with the echo server example. You would suggest looking at the other templates available in SDK.  I have attached an altered echo.c that might be helpful.

Have you thought about using an embedded linux project like our Petalinux project for the zybo here which has ethernet.

best regards,



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Hi Jon, 

As you suggested i have already followed the tutorial Zynq Server tutorial, still i was facing the problem.

But later i found the mistake in Block Design, the ethernet MDIO pin was made Extended (EMIO), i connected MDIO pin to corresponding MDIO pin. Then the demo code started working.

Thanks for your time.


Ajeeth Kumar

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