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PMOD BT2 support for ZCU104 evaluation board



I am trying to use PMOD BT2 along with the ZCU104 evaluation board and referring to the guide at https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/pmod-ips/start

I do not see the PMOD interfaces in the 'board' section of IP integrator. What changes do I need to add to the board.xml file? Are there any other reference guides available for using BT2 PMOD?


Akhil Ahmed R

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Hi @akhilahmed,

We did not create board files for non-digilent development boards. Also our IP Cores work with FPGA families that Digilent offers.  To get the Pmod BT2 IP Core to work with the ZCU104 

open a project with a board selected from an already supported family (zynq, Artix-7), then add the IP to a BD, then edit in IP packager. Then go to the Compatibility Packaging step, "add family, check the "all families and parts" box and then to "review and package", repackage the IP. 

You should then be able to change the target board and add the IPs you upgraded

. Once you have added the upgraded IP core to the block design you will right click on the pmod out of the ip core you are trying to use and select make external.

Then after you have created a wrapper you will need to constrain the pmod out pin using the xdc for your board and export the hardware including the bitstream.

Then launch sdk. Once sdk is open make a new application with the empty template. Then move the main.c file from the examples folder of the Pmod CAN drivers IP core( vivado-library/ip/Pmods/PmodCAN_v1_0/drivers/PmodCAN_v1_0/examples/) to the scr folder of the application.

Then program the fpga and run the application.

best regards,


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