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Ethernet PHY- Arty7 vs Nexys Video


Dear All,

I have worked on Arty-7 and Nexys Video Devlopment board. Each board has PHY from different Vendor RealTek (Nexys Video) and Texas Instruments (Arty7). I have following  doubts regarding the same.

  • If my requirement of speed is in between 8 mbps to 30 mbps. What will be effect on Power consumption in case of Realtek PHY and Texas Instruments PHY.  Real Tek PHY in Nexys Video works on 125 MHz while Texas Instruments PHY works on 25 MHz.


  • Currently we are using Development board but If i make my board/PCB, does fresh PHY IC required  any pre-configuration? I have seen datasheet which shows about some registers configuration.


  • For Functional verification : In case of Realtek PHY, we are sending Tx clock with Data from FPGA MAC while in case of Texas Instruments PHY, Both TX and RX clock coming from PHY itself which sometimes makes Functional verification tricky
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