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BASYS 3 Wi-Fi example issues



I am attempting to run the Wi-Fi scan example on the BASYS 3 using vivado 2018.3. I encounter this error within the DHCP.h file and the HeapMgr.h file (shown in screenshots). how can i fix these errors? Are my MicroBlaze drivers wrong as the error appears to originate from there? 

Kind Regards, 


error message wifi.png

error1 wifi.png

error2 wifi.png

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Hi @Dom_123,

It turns out there is an issues with the Pmod WIFI in Vivado 2018.x as shown in this forum thread. Our content team is aware of this issue. This issue will be addressed when they have some free bandwidth.  So I used Vivado 2017.4 with the basys 3 and the Pmod WIFI. 

The Microblaze/Pmod WIFI IP Core project requires more bram than is available on the Basys 3 (Something like an additional 150 KB above the 200KB ).

I tried altering the linker script to accommodate the larger .text file to no avail.

Unfortunately, the Basys 3 will not work with the Pmod WIFI IP Core. I also confirmed this with the content team as well.

As an alternative to the Pmod WIFI, I was able to get a Vivado 2018.3 basys 3 Pmod ESP32 project working. Here is the Pmod ESP32 resource center. The Pmod ESP32 has a microprocessor on it which greatly reduces the project size on the basys 3. 

best regards,


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