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Sending data from FPGA registers to PC through ethernet cable



I am new to this forum and I do not have any experience of programming with FPGA.

Recently I have bought an Arty Z7-20 development board. I want to write a code to time tag external pulses and send the data to PC continuously through ethernet cable . Right now, I am able to store the data in a register of the FPGA. 

Now will anyone please tell me how I can send the data from register to PC?  I am a complete novice.  :( . I expect an easy demonstration from you.


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Hi @Kobi18210,

Sorry for the delayed response. We do not have a project that directly transfers data through the ethernet. We have used the echo server project which should be similar process as with this tutorial here. I have attached an altered echo.c file as a potential reference. 

Another option would be to use an embedded linux platform like petalinux here.

best regards,



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