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Hi, Guys,

I changed my computer and installed Vivado 2018.3 instead of VIVADO 2018.1 I had in the old computer.

I opened an Arty-Z7-20 project that was running well on the old computer and with this new computer I got the following error

make: *** No rule to make target 'C:/TEST_ZYNQ/A8-X4000/X4000Board.sdk/X4000_wrapper_hw_platform_0/ps7_init.c', needed by 'src/ps7_init.o'.  Stop.    

Any clue on what is causing it and how I may solve it ?



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Hi @Antonio Fasano,

Sorry for the  delayed response, Vivado projects are version specific. In Vivado 2018.3 I would try upgrading the IP's under reports->report ip status and upgrade any out of date ip cores. Then re -verify the block design.  can you attach a screen shot of the errors you are getting as well as the Block design and xdc.

best regards,


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