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WaveForms Protocol Tab / SPI. Can you send data?


I'm using the Analog Discovery 2 and on WaveForms 3.8.2 I cannot figure out how to send and receive SPI data. I can read SPI traffic fine through the Logic Analyzer, but I've had no luck with the Protocol analyzer.

I have some hardware that I'm debugging that sends commands to a SPI device. The Logic Analyzer tool shows this just fine (below). What I'd like to do is send other SPI commands using the Protocol tab but I've had no luck figuring out how to send commands (properly). As a first step, I'd like to reproduce what I see below in the logic analyzer but do it instead in the protocol tab.

As you can see, I just get 0xFFs back in the Protocol window, whereas I'd expect to get 0xD7 0x24 0x12 0x04...

Any ideas? I have never been able to get the Protocol tab to work in SPI mode. Has anyone else?




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Hi @rtshv

When you are using the Logic Analyzer or Protocol/Spy you are spying on the communication between a SPI master and slave device(s).

When you are using the Protocol (Master, Custom, Sensor) the AD2 behaves like a master SPI controller.
In this case, make sure only the SPI slave device is connected to the AD2. Having multiple masters hooked can block each other, or the one with higher drive current will block the other one.

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