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Mighael Walker

AD2 Project Box calibration and termination


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Hi @Mighael Walker,

I will say that you are the first person on our Forums (as far as I know) to mention that the AD2 is fragile, though based on the documents you linked, it seems like it's more of the flywire cables and their associated connectors that you are not happy with rather than the AD2 assembly itself?

Otherwise, I don't think there will necessarily be any change to the calibration process itself since you are essentially changing the trace lengths that are being used, but the calibration process can already be done with or without an adapter (such as the BNC adapter); correspondingly to your second question I don't think the BNC connections will need special termination added as our own BNC adapter doesn't use any special termination (though it does have a jumper for AC/DC coupling).


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I was specifically referring to the BNC board though any plastic case can break. I once accidentally dropped a very heavy amp head on a Fluke 150 DDM. An expensive mistake that taught me to keep test equipment off the bench surface as much as possible.

I think the AD2 is a great little unit and it has become an essential part of my electronics kit. Thanks for info and keep up the good work.


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