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Analogue Input To Nexys 4

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I possess an PmodAD1 converter device. Already acquainted with the PmodAD1 and AD7476A data sheets, I have a question about the practical application:


Given an analogue input signal, what is the most optimal-or the most simple yet working-way to provide the CS and Clk signals for the AD1 PMOD? Is that assumed that CS and Clk are generated by the FPGA board?


Thank you,


Your customer.

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Hi advisor,


Yes, both the CS and the Clk signal lines for the SPI interface will need to be generated by the FPGA board (the "master" board in terms of the SPI protocol).  I am not familiar with FPGAs so I can't tell you what the most optimal/simple way of providing these signals might be, but referring back to your question about the PmodDA4, I imagine you can generate those signals in the same way here.


Let me know if you have any more questions.




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