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Luighi Vitón

Wrong colors and rendering output in HDMI with Linux base system


Dear Digilent Engineers,

I am having a trouble when displaying images in the HDMI output. Although I tried to follow all the recommendations for the generation of the Zybo-base-linux project, the Linux kernel configuration and the devicetree, I had wrong colors and rendering in the HDMI output. I am using the Ubuntu based Linaro filesystem which comes with a graphical interface (I wonder it is the last version which have this feature).

Do you know which element could produce this behaviour and which changes I could apply to correct it. I attach a screenshot and a photo of my HDMI screen. I checked the cable and screen and those are correct. I also probed a precompiled image from the Zybot project and it shows a normal behaviour. However I need to add some modules to the base-linux so I have to compile it by myself.

Hope you could help to solve with this problem. Thanks.

Screenshot from 1970-01-01 00:03:06.png


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Hi @Luighi Vitón,

Sorry for the delayed response. We reached out to more experienced embedded linux engineers about this thread. Unfortunately, They do not have any good suggestions at this point.

best regards,


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