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Bootz vs Bootm


Hey guys,, 

While booting Linux manually using sd card bootm command is not working.. 

After using bootm 0x100000 0x200000 0x300000

It is showing Linux kernel loading..... 

But when I am using bootz command then Linux is perfectly working.... 

For bootz I am using zImage in place of uImage.... 

But I want to boot linux using bootm command,, because when I am trying to boot linux automatically using sd card it is showing uImage is not available... 

It means in automatic mode it is not able to fetch zImage... 

I hope you are getting my point... 

Your reply will be very helpful for me.. 



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2 hours ago, jpeyron said:

Hi @Arjun,

I moved your post to a sub-section where more experience embedded linux engineers look.

thank you,


Thanks buddy... 

I hope  I will get required  answer 




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