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Voucher for ARTY A7

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As a bit of further clarification, you would request any licenses from Xilinx, though it is my understanding that all of the Vivado WebPACK versions since 2016.4 or so are license free.

I know that Digilent used to sell the original Arty board (now called the Arty A7) with a voucher for the Vivado Design Edition, but that was discontinued a few years ago (around the same time when Xilinx changed their own licensing policy and what was included in each edition).


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Hi @Niketan,

Vivado's Webpack Edition is free and downloadable here baring some country restrictions. The Webpack works with the Arty-A7-100T. Here is the Arty-A7 resource center. Once you have downloaded vivado webpack edition , install the Digilent Board files as described here and you will be able to select the Arty A7-100T when creating a project.  

best regards


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