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"No target found." with Arduino IDE.


I've build a board using the pic32MX795L, the same as the Chipkit max32, (I have original Max32 and uC32.)
I uploaded bootloader with Microchip Snap (https://github.com/chipKIT32/chipKIT-digiboot)

This is my setup:
Arduino 1.8.8
Chipkit core Ver 2.0.6
Windows 10 64 bits
FTDI driver version

I am having an issue with max32 clone, I got error "No target found." As I can program my uC32 and Max32 without a problem, I think Arduino and Chipkit core are not the problem.
Also, I can see PIC32 Tx and Rx with Saleae Logic; there is some data at PIC32 Rx pin, but no data at PIC32 Tx pin, Tx line is held high.

I will try MPIDE tomorrow and let you know.

Any hints will be appreciated very much,
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi @Digisoles,

As a quick check, is it the same exact chip as the Max32 (i.e. PIC32MX795F512L) and not a slightly different chip? I'm not sure if the bootloader would work correctly if it was a different chip. I also can't readily verify the bootloader you linked to as accurate, so it may be worth trying the one that is available on the right hand side of the Max32 Resource Center under Design Resources.


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Hi JColvin,

Yes! it is the same exact pic32 PIC32MX795F512L. Please find attached photo of actual PIC32.
I uploaded recommended bootloader (I already tried both bootloaders) I will keep this now.

In attached image "Screenshot.png" you can see captured data for USB programming, PIC32 Tx pin keeps in high state, while Rx and MCLR have some data. I think this is the real problem, PIC32 TX pin does not change state, no matter what.

In attached image "Detail.png" you can see some data on PIC32 Rx pin.

I truly appreciate your help and support,





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