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Cmod A7 Reference Manual


Please forgive a nitpicky post but if I had trouble with these issues then so will others.

I looked through the Cmod A7 Reference Manual and a few pieces of critical information seem to be just plain missing.

1. The addresses for the PCB pins aren't listed. They are for the pmod but not for the pins that actually set into a socket.

2. The clock speed and address aren't listed.

I've been able to figure out these values from other forum posts and from the .XDC file but can someone please put them in the manual itself?

If they're already there and I somehow just missed them then I apologize and will, forthwith, get myself fitted for reading glasses.


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Hi @dfergenson,

Thank you for your suggestions. It is my understanding Digilent has separate informational documents the XDC, Schematic and Reference Manual instead of having all information for a development board in the Reference Manual. I will pass on your suggestion to our content team.

thank you,


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