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GPS driver question.


Hey All,

I am working with the GPS driver in Xilinx SDK and it's working fine, however I noticed many of the functions trigger off  "GPS.ping". What governs GPS.pings value ? Does it go high on the rising edge of the PPS (pulse per second) pin or is tied to the valid reception of a GPS data (NMEA sentence for example)?

Any insight would help, trying to integrate GPS into a project. Thanks !!



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Hi @StefanOR,

Here is a forum thread that discusses using the GPS.ping that might be helpful for your project.  I believe that the 

GPS_setUpdateRate(&GPS, 1000); //Sets the frequency that the PmodGPS sends sentences.

and an interrupt is sent every 8 bytes

 GPS_intHandler(PmodGPS *InstancePtr, u32 Event, unsigned int EventData)

sets the InstancePtr->ping = TRUE;

The PmodGPS.c, PmodGPS.h and main.c will be the files to look through.

thank you,





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