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RLC Impedance measurement


Hello all.

I'm looking for a scope and logic analyzer for low bandwidth and good Msps (Analog Discovery 2 seems to be fine for me). One of the main purposes is the impedance characterization of piezoelectric ceramics (capacitors) up to 20kHz.

Is it possible to make an easy script to make the frequency sweep and measurement of voltage and current (using a shunt resistor) to make that characterization with AD2?

Similar to the LCR app of Redpitaya.


Best Regards!

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The forum post below from a year ago shows a screenshot of the unfinished impedance analyzer that's presently 'hidden' in the WaveForms software (at least in v2.7.5). Hopefully this useful tool will be made available for our use in the near future. It would make the already excellent software even better.


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