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ZYBO Board Question: XADC_wizard IP and Mic in port


Hello, I'm currently am trying to configure the XADC_wizard IP to receive audio from the mic_in port of the board.

I have opened the XADC demo that was provided and saw in the Verilog code that the ports for the PMOD were instantiated. Leading to the ZYBO_Master.xdc I saw both the ##I2S Audio Codec and ## Audio Codec/external EEPROM IIC bus. Would either of these help me in setting up the mic_in port? 

Objective:  receive external audio from the mic_in port, run it through the ADC, and view the data received and if possible view it in a waveform.

Thank you

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Hi @Brain,

On page 4 of the Zybo schematic here it shows the mic_in line is tied directly to the audio codec. The XADC would not be able to access the input from the mic_in line. The XADC can access input from Pmod Port JA as shown on page 10 of the schematic and discussed in section 6.3 Dual Analog/Digital Pmod (XADC Pmod) of the Zybo reference manual.   Here is a completed Zybo DMA audio demo made for Vivado 2016.4 that uses the audio codec. Here is a forum thread that discusses using the audio codec on the Zybo. 

thank you,




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