How to know whether the board is broken or not

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Hello everyone,


As a very beginner, i am going to ask some questions that might sound silly. I way playing around with the netfpga sume board, and I followed the instructions written here ( Initially when I turned on the netfpga sume board in a standalone mode, both the LD10 and LD4 turned on and steady, and even my machine can detect that (as /dev/ttyUSB1). I tried to open that device using my minicom and it was not showing anything. Then suddenly I noticed no LED is working and then I restart my machine. After that, my LD10 was not working, same as before, and LD4 started blinking. Even my machine can not detect the netfpga as any device now.  I really don't have any idea what went wrong. Even I am not sure, either my board is still okay or not!!


Any help would be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance..

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Hi @Joyanta,

I would recommend asking the NetFPGA group directly (as they are a dedicated group towards in the email group that they have set up. If you have not done so already, you can register for this on the NetFPGA Wiki here, though note that it can take a few business days before you get a response.

Thank you,


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