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How to create an analog stimulus file for use with Xilinx XADC ('SIM_MONITOR_FILE') for Artix7 board?


I ran speech simulation (analog) on Matlab, and here is the code and result. I want create an analog stimulus file for UNISIM for XADC execution on Xilinx Vivado. I use Vivado 2015.4 with board Artix7 (xc7t35cpg236 - 1C).


1. How to make an analog stimulus file using these information? I will need Time(ns), VAUXP(V), TEMP, VCCINT, VCCAUX, VCCBRAM values.

2. How many set of readings can I take?

3. Should the time be in millisecond, nanoseconds or seconds?


Please find attached 'SIM_MONITOR_FILE' saved in data.xls and the simulation file for word 'Jam', obtained using Matlab 'audiorecorder'.




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Hey Shruthi,

I believe the correct way to do this is by making a .txt or .csv file and then loading that into the XADC IP block under ANALOG Sim File Options on the basic tab. The formatting of these files is discussed on page 41-43 of the product guide linked below.


I've never done this before but if you run into any walls post here again and we can help you figure this out!


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