have the JTAG -HS2 API ,SDK code

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Hi All

Im using the Jtag SDK environment with the JTAG-HS2 probe,

Wondering if you already have (or can recommand on somewon who already wrote) C code that support*** SVF commands (see link: http://www.jtagtest.com/pdf/svf_specification.pdf)?

(Of course i can implement it by using the API functions - but it will save me some development time )

*** support means: C function for each SVF command like SDR,SIR... that receive a data/instruction as parameter

SVF Command example:


SIR 8 TDI(00000055) ;


SDR 18 TDI(00031234) TDO(00000000) Mask(00000000);



I hope my question is clear,

you help is appreviated

Ehud Eliav


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