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multiple SPI based DAC connection from single PMOD


Hello everyone, 

previously, I worked on nexys 4 DDR FPGA which have 4 PMOD port, by using 3 pmod port I had driven 3 DAC. 




but now i have to transfer that code to the zc706 fpga, but zc706 have a single pmod port with 8 user pin.

signals required for DAC are sclk , sdata , synq , reset_bar. 

where sclk, synq , reset_bar is same the sdata  is different for 3 dac .

I had given the same sclk , synq, reset_bar to all three DAC only sdata signal I gave individually, like the image below.




now, pmod of zc706 FPGA is able to drive single DAC,  but when I connect all three in an image like above fashion, is not working, please give me the suggestion for this.

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Hi @amitlwaghmare,

1) What DAC are you using?

2) If possible please attach your block design/wrapper/xdc and SDK code(if applicable) 

3) I believe you will need to alter your initialization function to configure each DAC and to use  multiple DAC's in this way.

4) Here is an example of the changes needed to be made Expanding the Number of DAC Outputs on the ADuC8xx and ADuC702x Families.

thank you,


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