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Ehud Eliav

JTAG HS2 - check device




1- I have the JTAG -HS2 device and i want to check that im using the API functions correctly,

    Can you recommand on a simple JTAG device which i can buy in order to check the JTAG-HS2 interface?

    The motivation is to connect the JTAG-HS2 to this device and simply communicate with its TAP.

2- Is there an option to configure the delay between the TDI/TMS rising/falling edge to the TCK rising edge (it is around 20 nS)?  or this timing is fixed by the HS2 HW?

for example when using the API function "DjtgPutTmsTdiBits(...)"

Thanks in advance

Ehud Eliav


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Hi @Ehud Eliav,

1) I would suggest using a similar JTAG device  I.E. 4-Wire Series, 4-Wire Star, and 2-Wire Star to the device you think you will be using in the future. 

2) I am not seeing and option for a delay in the DjtgPutTmsTdiBits().

I believe you can use the DjtgWait function to add a delay before using the DjtgPutTmsTdiBits() if desired.

I have attached the DJTG reference manual below.

thank you,


DJTG Programmer's Reference Manual.pdf

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