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Zynq_Book_Tutor Exercise 1.B question



I am going through the Zynq Book Tutorial, version 1.3 April 2014. It seems the Zynqbook and Zynqbook Tutorial are leveled at Vivado 2014.x Zedboard and I have Vivado 2017.2 and Zybo Z4-20 board.

Following example 1.B for the Zedboard, the tutorial states on page 15, "Click Run Connection Automation from the Designer Automation message at the top of the Diagram window and select /axi_gpio_0/GPIO." Then a dialog box labeled "Run Connection Automation" will appear.

In my version of VIvado or Zybo constraints I don't get this popup window or a selection the looks like /axi_gpio_0/GPIO and now am at a loss on how to connect the AXI GPIO and LEDs.

Is there a newer version of this book that includes the Zybo Z7-20 series?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @rzsmi,

I am not aware of a new version of the ZYNQ Book. I would suggest emailing  "[email protected]" to inquire further. 

Here is the Zybo-Z7 resource center. The tutorial should assist you with getting familiar with using the ZYNQ processor. Here is an older tutorial that is for the Zybo that should be easily alter to work with the Zybo-Z7 that uses LED's, Button, Switches and the Usb Uart bridge.

To finish the project you are working on:

1) With out seeing your block design I would guess that you need to right click on the gpio_out ports of the axi gpio ip core's and click make external. 

2) Once you are finished with the block design create a wrapper. Uses the pin names in the wrapper for the gpio_out and constrain them in a xdc file you will need to create. Use the Zybo-Z7 master xdc as a temple and only un-comment the lines you with to use.

If these steps do not fix the issue please attach a screen shot of the vivado block design, wrapper and xdc files along with your SDK code.

thank you,


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