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Arty Board and new Vivado editions, License question.


I got the Arty A7 board back in 2016 and got it with a voucher for 1 year of vivado updates, up to Vivado 2017.4. I've been using 2017.4 without problems all this time.

The Arty A7 board seems to have been very successful for Digilent and Xilinx since they keep making accessories, upgrades and stuff from it.

Even recently Arm opened the M1/M3 cores for use in FPGA, and they use the Arty board as reference/test board.

However the feature requires Vivado 2018.2.

I also got recently a Cora Z7 which also recommends to use 2018.2 (I'm using it with 2017.4 without problems too).

So now I'd like to upgrade to 2018.2. But I can't get the design edition with my voucher neither I can afford to pay for it. I can only get the Webpack edition.

Looking at https://www.xilinx.com/products/design-tools/vivado/vivado-webpack.html there seems to be no difference between Webpack and Design editions other than "partial reconfiguration" which I don't use. Is that so?

Can I do the same stuff I was doing with 2017.4 Design with the 2018.2 Webpack?

I do a lot of microblaze based designs, I run linux and have several custom IPs. I use Virtex 7, Artix 7 and Zynq 7000.

Will I be able to migrate without problems? will I lose some functionality or some device? what will be lost?


Thanks for any advise in this regards.


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Hi @edge30,

Here is a forum thread that explains the difference between the design and webpack editions.

The main difference i see for your situation would be that the webpack edition does not support the Virtex 7 family of devices.  Also I believe there are a few IP Core's that are usable without a fee in the design Edition.

I would suggest to download Vivado 2018.2 webpack edition and see if it will work for you. I have multiple versions of Vivado on my PC.  

thank you,



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