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Hello to all,

i have start working on video processing through zybo board,so for that i have gone to digilent zybo video workshop file, its link is provided below


i gone through all steps carefully make all connection as shown in file but still nothing show 

Changes i have done in ip

clocking wizard ip : sys_clock take 125mhz freq and set to mmcm at 200 mhz output

dvi2rgb1v_7 ip : preferred resolution 1280*720 and other option as guided in file

and other ip changes as provided in file

Regarding error: their is no error or any critical warning is shown in vivado 2016.2 version

bur still nothing shows,even though i have provided external power supply 5v to it and change jumper to its  specific part  

edge detetion works fine and show rover output so i imported it in design and the complete design image i add in attachment.( i have twice check the hdmi cable ,vga projector and lp output all works fine) 

i have attach xdc file and desing image i m using zybo board having specific  xc7z010clg400-1 part


pls provide some solution or any other help  ASAP




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Hello @Gourav,

Unfortunately the issue could be in multiple locations and it's hard to determine this from the block diagram, it's probably a small bug either in the block design or in the HLS IP.

Either way please send the archive with project so that I can look over it.

Thank you


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