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pierre antony

NexysDDR4 example projects



There are several example projects available at this Digilent link:


Unfortunatly when I download the content of these project, I don't find any Vivado xpr file nor bd file.

For example, the git repository for project Nexys 4 DDR GPIO Demo at this link https://github.com/Digilent/Nexys-4-DDR-GPIO or in the zip file https://github.com/Digilent/Nexys-4-DDR-GPIO/releases/download/v2016.4-1/Nexys-4-DDR-GPIO-2016.4-1.zip doesn't include any xpr or bd file as far as I can tell.

Maybe I didn't download the right files?

How can I find the Vivado project for this examples please?


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Last Friday, during a univeristy lab, I have seen problems with the MIG for Nexy4 DDR.

Pn the student computer, there was a read only issue with te Vivado project during synthesis/implementation.

They've had to manually set the directory in not read only mode while Vivado runs to solve the problem. It is not a good solution because it requires a manual intervention and one never know when to do it.

Are you aware of this of problem?




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Posted (edited)

OS file permissions are a two-edged sword. It can prevent users from changing stuff that shouldn't be changed but it can prevent users from doing their work unintendedly  This is a user issue. You will have to learn how to change file permissions as a computer user to the extent that your privileges allow. Depending on the OS and how security is set up this can be a pain, especially when transferring files form one OS or computer to another one. If you have an IT department they should be able to help resolve issues. If you are the IT department then you need to learn how to set up and use your OS safely and securely.

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