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AD2 Analog Data Aquisition



I've constructed a VI that captures analog data from two channels on the AD2.  I can successfully collect data, but for some reason, if the number of samples exceeds the sample rate, the data is truncated to only 1 second of data.  This occurs for various sample rates (10 samples @ 1 Hz or 10,000 samples @ 1000 Hz, etc) - see attached for more details.

I've timed the execution of the "Analog Read" function, and it executes in multiples of 1 second (i.e. 250 samples and 300 samples at 100 hz, both execute in 3 seconds), but I only get one second of data.


  • Shouldn't this function be able to provide the complete set of data, as long as buffers aren't overrun?
  • I don't see any terminals on the sub-VI's that allow the data buffers to be altered.  Is there a way to modify the sub-VI to provide a complete set of data?

Any help is appreciated

Timing Issue.pdf

AD2 - Multiple Samples.vi

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Hi @byro3227,

I apologize for the delay. I'm not able to open your VI itself since it was created in a later version than I have. I looked into the WaveForms SDK reference manual (part of the WaveForms download and what the AD2 VI calls) and don't see anything that would directly limit this. From my understanding

This thread may also be of some help to you if you have not read it already.

I'm sorry I could not be of more help.

Thank you,

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Thank you for replying. 

I was able to get around this issue by using the Digilent Waveform vi's.   I suspect that the AD2 toolkit is not supported by Labview 2017.

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