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Multi Device triggering

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Hi all,

I have recently bought 2 digital discoveries to go with an existing Analog Discovery 1, and Analog discovery 2.

I would also like to use the 2 digitals as a standalone pair with no analog in the system.

The store webpage for the discovery mentions trigger in and out signals for linking devices.


This is one of the reasons I purchased them as I currently need >32 channels.


I can't see these signal in the pinout anywhere, and nothing in waveforms about this feature.


I have tried to generate a pulse on one of the digital IOs using the pattern generator triggered from the logic, but I cannot get a single repeated trigger pulse, it seems to either be one shot or a continuous un-synced pulse train once triggered.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.





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33 minutes ago, attila said:

Hi @dean8020

This looks like a wrong information...

The Digital Discovery does not have dedicated trigger lines but any DIO or DIN line can be used for triggering, edge, pulse length or protocol specific trigger.




Thanks for the response,  how do I generate an output pulse after the first Digital discovery has triggered, which I can feed into the second digital discovery to synchronise the data in my two waveforms instances?


Best Regards,


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