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Develop a standalone program from SDK without installing Adept software


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Hi @jli853,

Can you be more specific about your project. 

1) You can use Vivado SDK without the Adept Software.

2) I f you are trying to use  only the Adept SDK I believe you can. I have attached a pdf that walks you through making a exe from Adept SDK using  visual studio.

thank you,


Building an Adept SDK Project in Visual Studio .pdf

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Hi @jpeyron,

So now i understand how to build an Adept SDK project and compile a .exe application. But somehow I still need to have the Adept software installed in my host PC in order to make my app working properly.

I am developing an APP that will interface with USB-JTAG cable. I guess the Adept software is at least providing the driver for it. So is it possible to package my APP to include the driver or other necessary libraries?

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14 hours ago, jli853 said:

But somehow I still need to have the Adept software installed in my host PC

I've been developing Adept applications for some time now. Why is it a problem having the host have the drivers installed? You could also develop applications using an FTDI API but your host would still need those drivers installed.

One issue that you might not have considered is that for Windows applications compiled by Visual Studio tools you need to have the appropriate Microsoft Visual C++ runtime installed. This can get messy. I recently **Had** to install Win10 on a laptop and wanted to execute an application that I developed for the ATLYS years ago on Win7. After hours [days] of frustration I ended up installing the most recent Visual Studio on the laptop and recompiled the source. 

P.S. Miraculously, I was able to import the old solution file into the new VS and compile without a lot of tears and screaming... to my recollection this is the first time that the big M didn't try and subvert my efforts..... This was even more amazing considering the changes to Win10 from the actual real OS [Win7] kernel structure that proceeded it. My view is that Microsoft abandoned the OS business years ago so I look to Linux for the future. To mangle a quote I've read: "Unix is the worst operating system; except for all the rest"

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