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Output digital signal onto one of the PMOD pins


Hey All,

I made a custom ROM subsystem IP for a larger project I am working on and would like to verify it on hardware (in my case a Zedboard). I have already verified the subsystem works with test bench. My idea is essentially to tie the output signal of my ROM (1 bit width at 10Mhz) to a PMOD port and measure the signal on my Oscilloscope. My question is with the specifics of assigning a PMOD port as a general output. Can I simply use the GPIO PMOD IP core provided by digilent? If so, how do I tie my signal to a specific pin of the PMOD port? 

I will attach a picture of my naive first attempt at solving this. 

Thanks for any and all help/recommendations!


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Hi @StefanOR,

Sounds like an interesting project. I havent use the PmodGPIO with the wdata pin before. It might be easier to send the data_out from the ROM subsystem to BRAM IP. Then you can use 

the functions in 'xil_io.h'

Xil_out8, Xil_Out16, Xil_Out32 to write

Xil_in8, Xil_in16, Xil_in32 to read

The you can use the output_demo example to help with using the PmodGPIO .

thank you,



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