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connector pinouts


I have an old Uno32 that I had not used and finally dug out.  I am confused on the pin numbering.  For instance I am looking for J6-7.  Looking at the Uno32 reference manual, page 2 has a picture of the top of the board.  balloon 14 indicates this is J6.  the silkscreen  on the board as 2 rows of numbers which looks like the lower right pin would be 0.  and pin 7 is on the outer edge.  then I need j6-11, however the silkscreen numbers go from 0 to 13, G, A.  This does not seem to correlate with the manual.

looking at page 11 of the reference manual there is a pinout table, but how do I find the Chipkit OR the connector pin #?

Could someone enlighten me.

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The board's silkscreen is displaying the chipKIT pin numbers. Therefore, if you look at the pinout table in the reference manual you will see that there are several columns, each displaying an attribute for a specific pin. For example pin J6-11 is also chipkit pin 5, which you can find on the silkscreen. J6-7 is also ckipkit pin 3.

J6-11 and J6-7 are connector pins and are referring to the black plastic connector of J6. This becomes more obvious if you will look at the Uno32 schematic. You can also identify the pins using Eagle since the board's PCB project is also public and it can be downloaded from our wiki.


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