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AD2 synced with picoscope


Hi, I am new to the AD2, and USB scopes. I have searched and read through some of the forums, and watched most of the videos.

I believe that you can time sync two or more AD2s to have more that 2 analog inputs.

Is it possible to time sync the AD2 with a picoscope?

I also saw a review where someone was complaining about the AD2's analog and digital signals not being time synced, is that true?

It would seem like a major design flaw if it were.

Let me know, thanks, Paul

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Hi @PEF,

I don't know which threads you've looked at already, but I would recommend this thread and some of the links that are in that thread as well, so yes you can sync two or more AD2s to get more than 2 Analog inputs through the use of triggering.

Correspondingly, you can probably also sync acquisitions with a picoscope as well, though as each device will have their own independent oscillators, so you'll probably need to periodically resync the two devices to help account for any phase shift that would occur.

I'll have to defer to @attila on your last question about the analog and digital signals time synchronization.


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