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No terminal output (Hello World App on Vivado SDK 2018 running on Ubuntu 18.1)

Go to solution Solved by jpeyron,


I have created a simple Zynq Processing project in Vivado 2018 SDK, for which I want to write a simple software (Hello World Application). I generated the bitstream and then exported it to Vivado SDK. Which generated the BSP files.


The MIO was configured with ETH port, USB Port, SD port, UART etc.


I then created a simple program (Hello World) in c. Which added all of header and source file "helloWorld.c". I then configured the system debugger and then click on Run as >> Launch on Hardware (System Debugger).


After running on the hardware I get the following error. Please help me regarding the following issue.


And the final error message.


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Hi @wilfredk,

Welcome to the forums!

The cable drivers do not get automatically installed in linux when you install Vivado.

1) Here is a xilinx AR showing how install the xilinx/digilent cable drivers. If you have not already. Make sure to be root.

2) Make sure that you have added your self to the dialout group. Here is a forum thread that shows how to add yourself to the dialout group.

3) Please download Adept 2 here.

                    a) Use Adept 2 from the command line with the command "djtgcfg enum" . What is the terminal text response?

4) Were you root when you installed Vivado?

thank you,


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