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Programming Basys 3 using a USB


Hello everyone ,

I'm realtively new in programming FPGA's and  needed some help .

My micro-usb port got shorted so i had to resort to  programming my basys-3 with a usb drive . I followed the reference file from digilent on that and everything was working  fine  . I used it the same way for the next few months . I stopped using the board for a months after and when i tried programming it today again , the bit file did got programmed . INstead the busy led next to the port forever keeps blinking . 

I tried formatting with FAT32 , resetting , testing the demo file on QSPI but nothing works even after all that . Like i said i'm very new to fpga's and mosty just implement basic codes to learn so i'm clueless when it comes to the next step .

Any help would be apppreciated .

Thank you .



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The reference manual has the following steps to program the Basys 3 through the USB HOST here. Make sure that you are following these step:


You can program the FPGA from a pen drive attached to the USB-HID port (J2) by doing the following:

1. Format the storage device (Pen drive) with a FAT32 file system.

2. Place a single .bit configuration file in the root directory of the storage device.

3. Attach the storage device to the Basys3.

4. Set the JP1 Programming Mode jumper on the Basys3 to “USB”.

5. Push the PROG button or power-cycle the Basys3.

The FPGA will automatically be configured with the .bit file on the selected storage device. Any .bit files that are not built for the proper Artix-7 device will be rejected by the FPGA. The Auxiliary Function Status, or “BUSY” LED (LD16), gives visual feedback on the state of the configuration process when the FPGA is not yet programmed:

1) How are you powering the Basys 3?

2) Have you tried a different USB pen drive?

thank you,






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